Warrior Sisters Wishlist

As a nonprofit organization, community support makes our work possible. Our mission is to make self-defense training accessible to all women, including those who cannot afford gear or a monthly payment to a gym. Donated materials help us make sure that our participants receive quality training, regardless of economic status.

Interested in making an in-kind donation? Email us at info@warrior-sisters.org!

Donations are tax-deductible and donation receipts are provided upon request.



All kinds of pads, from focus mitts, to kicking shields, to thai pads, allow our students to practice strikes safely.

We are currently especially in need of "tombstone" type pads, like the ones pictured here.


Protective Gear

Protective gear can be expensive, and many of our students cannot afford their own.

We happily accept shin guards, headgear, boxing gloves, and mouth guards, but our most common need is grappling gloves.


Women's Athletic Clothing

Many of us get to see workout clothes as a minor expense, but the lack of proper workout attire is a limiting factor for some in being able to access training.

Unused loose or stretchy yoga pants or capris, tee shirts or tanks, and sports bras are wonderful things for us to be able to offer our participants!