Request a Training!

In addition to offering free open trainings to women, Warrior Sisters also take requests for one-time training, special events, and private trainings on a sliding scale donation basis. Nonprofits and community groups may be eligible for reduced or free training. We do our best to never turn down training opportunities for lack of funds!

Check out our training options below.



Women's Defense Seminar

This is our most popular training option! Incorporating awareness, verbal, and basic physical defense techniques, seminars are designed to be accessible to all women regardless of experience or fitness level. We practice setting boundaries, taking up space, building confidence, and enforcing out boundaries through practical physical defense techniques.

With this model, we have trained women of faith communities, university sororities, business and nonprofit staff, women's centers, groups of friends, and more. If you are interested in scheduling a training for your group or business, we will work with you on the length and content to fit your specific needs. Available as a one hour, ninety minute, or two hour seminar.


Girl Empowerment / Youth Training

From peer pressure and bullying in school to abuse and violence, too many girls and young women experience trauma and disrespect from a young age. Providing access to comprehensive verbal and physical defense training is one way to combat this reality. Warrior Sisters Youth Training participants learn to be aware of possible unsafe situations, and to respond confidently with strong boundary setting, communication skills, and practical physical defense techniques geared specifically toward youth.

Warrior Sisters offers trainings to youth of all ages in both co-ed and girls-only classes. Depending on the needs of your group, these trainings can be offered as a one-time seminar OR as an ongoing series. Our trainers develop specific curriculum for the needs and interests of each group of youth.