+ Women's Training

Our women's trainings incorporate a mix of verbal, physical, and awareness skills intended to be accessible regardless of experience or level of fitness. We discuss strategies to stay safe and build a community of resistance to violence. Our trainings are excellent opportunities for women to get together, share experiences, and learn life saving self defense skills. Women from varied backgrounds, age groups, walks of life, and reasons for wanting to train all bring something unique and essential to our trainings.

Whether learning a new physical technique, participating in one of our discussions, or bringing their friends and relatives to trainings, the women who come to train each week are our inspiration for continuing our work.

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+ Youth Training

Warrior Sisters offers trainings to youth of all ages in both co-ed and girls-only classes.

Possibilities for training include:

  • Situational awareness training
  • Discussion of healthy relationships and common ploys
  • Setting verbal boundaries with friends and acquaintances
  • Verbal boundary setting
  • Projecting from the diaphragm and being loud
  • De-escalation
  • Strikes and physical self-defense escapes

Youth trainings are currently scheduled by request and can be offered as private one-time trainings or as a series for groups and organizations. Click here to request more information.

+ Private and Special Group Training

In addition to offering free open trainings to women and youth, Warrior Sisters also take requests for private trainings on a sliding scale donation basis. We have trained university sororities, youth groups, business staff, nonprofit organizations, kid's camps, Girl Scout troops, groups of friends, and more. If you are interested in scheduling a training for your group or business, we will work with you on the length and content to fit your specific needs.

Warrior Sisters is also available to speak at educational events or workshops on topics including, but not limited to, sexual assault prevention and consent, self defense, dismantling rape culture, and feminist organizing.

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