Warrior Sisters is dedicated to providing free self-defense training to women and girls, and our supporters make that possible! The majority of the funding we receive is from individual supporters like you. From $10 a month all the way to larger sustaining gifts, your tax-deductible donation goes directly to providing verbal and physical training to women.

From free public trainings, to training in public middle and high schools, empowerment-based self-defense training from Warrior Sisters is making a real impact on the lives and safety of women.

We need you to help support these life-saving, community-building services. 


Join The Society!

Did you know that when Warrior Sisters first began, it was called “Warrior Sisters Society”? From the first chapter in Eugene, Oregon, the founders envisioned a close-knit group of women supporting and teaching each other. From this first local collective, Warrior Sisters training model has now spread coast to coast, and we have provided hundreds of trainings in over a dozen states!

Throughout our expansion, the spirit of the Society has remained - and now anyone can join! Warrior Sisters Society members receive emails and physical mailings updating the group on our progress and impacts, and they help sustain the work of the group through recurring monthly donations.

Some members contribute $5 monthly, and some $50 - but the amount matters less than the sustaining power of these contributions. Society members make this work possible, at whatever level works for them.

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